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Our products are plant based and while they do contain preservative systems, those preservatives are naturally derived and will only prevent yeast, mold or fungus from growing when contaminants like tap water, dust or old product residue is not present. For the same reason , it's very important to fill only very clean and 100% dry containers.


  • Remove all prior residue from your container with water and soap or run through a dishwasher after removing all product residue.
  • Clean wooden corks with damp cloth
  • For tops & pumps, flush all product by pumping hot soap and water through until all product residue is gone.
  • Be sure your containers are completely dry before bringing refilling.
  • Its recommended to fill in the jars with the same product
  • Our body oils come with preserved exotic flowers. Save the flowers in the jar after you have depleted the oil, they will not go bad when handled with utmost care.

Important: the refills will not contain flowers.