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We are a team of people who have set out to question the production and consumption processes of beauty products. Even the most luxurious skincare comes in plastic packaging that hurts more than our conscience: it inevitably ends up in the dustbin, landfill, and eventually oceans. After years of research, we came up with a line of products that are vegan, cruelty-free and plastic-free down to its packaging, and crafted meticulously with the best of natural ingredients.

About Herbaria

Herbaria, derived from the word ‘herbarium’ meaning ‘a collection of preserved plant specimens’, is a holistic, vegan beauty brand inspired and driven by the bountiful and luxuriant wonders of nature.

With a foundation strongly rooted not only in deriving the best from nature but also preserving and protecting it, we are a brand driven by a purpose, and believe that beauty can be a force for good.

Building a green beauty ecosystem

Beauty shouldn’t come at a cost to the planet, it is an act of care-taking towards ourselves
and the environment. Our brand is proud to incorporate social and environmental dimensions, with an informed endeavour to bring about a green revolution in the beauty industry by applying a simplified yet comprehensive approach to how we formulate, craft, and package our products.

The vision is to provide an alternative to wasteful plastic packaging and switch to refillable and reusable packaging that you will be proud to own. All our products are packaged in high quality glass jars that you can reuse with our refill packs, thereby eliminating the use of single-use plastic. We have been certified by The Disposal Company as a ‘Plastic-neutral Brand’.

Sustainability is not boring

Beauty is an important part of many of our self-love rituals. We pamper not just our skin but rejuvenate our senses with the products we choose to keep in our vanity. At Herbaria, we take that as a responsibility to bring you beauty rituals in a bottle, made for everybody, and pride ourselves in being herbarium in a bottle, bringing you closer to the abundant luxury of nature.

Crafted with the best of natural, balanced solutions, our products provide sensorial nourishment to honour the time you dedicate on your self-care rituals with us.

Herbaria’s products, staying true to the name, teleport you closer to nature by bringing you a small part of it with the real pressed flowers in the bottle. The FSSAI certified vivid colours and pthalate-free fragrances soothe your senses while the potent ingredients work to nourish, nurture, and protect your skin. We promise not just noticeable differences to your skin, but a blissful smile whenever you use Herbaria

Beauty meant and made for all

Nature doesn’t discriminate, so who are we to? Herbaria is a gender-fluid brand for all ages, skin types, and colours. Along with being eco-conscious and activism driven, an aspect of the long-term positive change we wish to engender is to bring the joy of beauty rituals to whoever seeks them.

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